General Dentistry in Midland Park, NJ

general dentistry | dental exam | midland park NJAs your general dentists, Dr. Misato Fukuda and Dr. James Venuti are responsible for overseeing and coordinating all of your oral health care. Similar to your primary care provider, your general dentist in Midland Park provides all the routine services you need. We also work with specialists when necessary to ensure that you are getting the best possible care.

At Ohana Dental of Bergen County, we treat patients of all ages starting at age six. Our team loves working with our youngest patients to help them get an excellent start on their oral health care. We also provide age-appropriate care if you are an older adult who is dealing with conditions related to dental wear and tear.

Healthy Smiles Start with Prevention

If you want to avoid complicated or costly dental treatments, the best place to start is with prevention. When you stay proactive with your oral health by brushing and flossing conscientiously and visiting our dental practice every six months for preventive exams and cleanings, you build the foundation for a healthy, problem-free smile.

During your routine checkups, our doctors use technology like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to show you in detail what’s happening with your teeth and gums. We share these high-resolution images with you as we discuss your treatment options. Our patients tell us that it’s much easier to make oral health decisions when they’re informed about what the problem is and why you need treatment!

What Services Does a General Dentist Provide?

general dentistry | dental cleaning | midland park Putting your trust in one dental practice to handle all your needs is an excellent idea. You have the confidence of knowing that when a problem occurs, there's a familiar professional to turn to who knows you and can provide the appropriate care you need.

Aside from preventive exams and professional cleanings, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services to keep your smile healthy and beautiful

As you can see, our Midland Park dental practice is your one-stop shop for all your dental needs. We rarely need to refer patients to a specialist. If we do, you can be confident that we will oversee your treatment and ensure that you’re getting the high-quality treatment you deserve.

Please Call to Schedule a Dental Appointment

We are pleased to offer extended morning and evening hours that support the busy schedules of our patients. Our team enjoys welcoming new patients to our dental family, so please call Ohana Dental to get started.