Digital X-Rays in Midland Park, NJ

digital x-rays | midland park njFor decades, dentists have used film x-rays to see what they couldn’t see during a visual exam. Many dental problems develop inside the tooth, making x-rays an invaluable diagnostic tool.

Now, improvements and advances in dental technology provide us with state-of-the-art digital x-rays that produce images faster and in much greater detail than traditional film x-rays.

At Ohana Dental of Bergen County, we offer a wealth of services to protect your family’s oral health. Investing in technology like digital x-rays is an investment in your oral health. We can diagnose the smallest dental conditions with a high degree of accuracy that results in faster treatment and more desirable long-term outcomes.

Your Safety and Comfort Come First

Radiation is everywhere around us and always has been. But we know that many of our patients have understandable concerns about additional exposure to dental x-rays. While estimates vary, digital x-rays, in general, have been found to expose patients to as much as 70 percent less radiation than older film-based x-rays.

Digital x-rays offer many other benefits compared to film x-rays.

  • digital x-rays | ohana dental of bergan county | midland park We can detect conditions like decay and dental infection long before we would be able to see them with a visual exam. When we find and treat diseases in their earliest stages, we can help you avoid the expense, inconvenience, and discomfort of complicated problems in the future. 
  • Taking digital x-rays is comfortable because we do not have to use bulky film x-rays that can be difficult to hold in your mouth. Instead, we use a small, flat sensor that fits comfortably in your mouth and transfers the image digitally to our computer.
  • Within moments, we can share the image with you on your chairside monitor. Our doctors can zoom in on the image, rotate it, and make it larger or smaller so you can clearly see what the problem is and why we recommend treatment.
  • Digitally storing your images makes them easy to access when our doctors need to refer to them or send them to insurance companies and specialists.
  • Since we don’t use any harmful chemicals for processing, digital x-rays are safer for the environment.

Please Call Our Dental Office to Learn More

We use state-of-the-art technology like digital x-rays so we can provide the updated, high-quality treatment you deserve. Today, we use technology in many areas of our practice. If you haven’t visited a dental office in a while, you owe it to yourself to see how we can make your appointments more comfortable and productive!

Please call our Midland Park, NJ dental office, and we will be happy to make an appointment so you can see how easy it can be to achieve excellent oral health.