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I take great care of my teeth, and they feel fine. Why do I still need exams and cleanings?

General and Cosmetic Dentistry | Midland ParkIf you’re proactive with your oral health preventive dental visits may seem like just another item on your list that you don’t have the time for, especially if you’re not experiencing a problem. But the truth is that visiting our Midland Park dental office twice a year for exams and cleanings will ensure that your healthy smile stays that way.

During your routine checkups, Dr. Fukuda and Dr. Venuti do a visual exam to identify any problems and note changes since your last visit. If they find areas of concern, they’ll use our intraoral camera to share the images with you so you can understand why treatment is necessary. We also take digital x-rays as needed to see what’s happening inside your teeth and address issues before they result in pain and an emergency trip to our dental office.

Hygiene appointments are equally important because you can’t get your teeth as clean as they need to be with brushing and flossing alone. Our hygienist uses specialized instruments to clean areas that your brush can’t, and will also look for signs of gum disease. It’s common for gum disease to damage your oral health even before you know it exists, making routine cleaning appointments essential.

At Ohana Dental of Bergen County, we make it as easy as possible for you to fit these preventive visits into your daily routine. Our extended morning and evening hours make it easy to find a time that allows you to get the essential care you need without disrupting your life.

Please call us today to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam!

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